This dessert can be prepared the day before making your entertaining work a lot easier.

I try and prepare as much as possible the day before when entertaining. I always seem to be short of time and never like to be still doing prep when guest arrive. .


For 8 doughnut size meringue



4 egg whites

1 cup caster sugar

2 Teaspoon baking powder

2 Dessert spoon white vinegar

2 Dessert spoon corn flour


Whip egg whites to soft peaks then slowly add caster sugar and all other ingredients.

Can adjust the caster sugar +|- to achieve a glossy and firm but not too gritty result.

Spoon onto baking paper, well separated, into doughnut shapes, with the centre depressed.

Bake 120C fan for 50-60 minutes until the meringue surface is solid when look lightly tapped. The centre should still be creamy.



Creme anglaise(if desired)

Whip egg yokes till frothy then add 1 level dessert spoon corn flour, one tablespoon of caster sugar and vanilla to taste. Whisk, add in 1 cup milk slowly then on a very low heat or in a double boiler heat till the mixture thickens, whisking continuously.

Adjust sugar to taste and milk to achieve desired consistency. Serve when still warm but not hot.



Whipped cream:

Normal whipping cream(not double cream)

Whisk to soft peaks

Berries: half a punnet each of

Raspberries(whole), blueberries(whole) and strawberries (cut into quarters lengthways)

Marinate 1 hour, minimum in Grand Marnier (or other favourite liqueur)




Allow to cool.

Spoon a layer of whipped cream into base of the shell. Arrange berries in top. Put a puddle or smear of Creme anglaise on each plate add the meringue then drizzle the reserved marinade over the berries. Decorate with a few berries on the side of the meringue.


Pretty and easy 🙂