Directions for Liver Gallbladder flush

If you have gallstones it is highly recommended that you take Douglas Labs – 500mg Malic Acid & 80mg Magnesium from magnesium hydroxide (90 tablets). This will soften the gallstones as you don’t want any gallstones to get stuck in the opening of the gallbladder.

If you have gallstones apparently 90% of cases will have their gallstones cleared in approximately 10 flushes however the remaining 10% will have very lazy gallbladders in which case it may take up to 25 flushes.

You can get the tablets (90 tablets) via mail from a Melbourne practitioner:


Ph (03) 9761 1509   –  Mob  0422 845 105



From the US via the link (180 tablets – more economical if you have gallstones & need to do multiple flushes!):


Dr Hulda Clark has assisted hundreds of people with liver problems.  Out of all the people she assisted that followed exactly her liver flush program none ever needed to be hospitalized. Link below:

For the first 6 days –Take 1 tablet 3 x daily before meals for 6 days (Total per day =1500mg Malic Acid 240mg magnesium per day)

What not to have while cleansing:

NO DAIRY – FRIED FOODS – NO MEAT (light fish or organic chicken if you must. It’s much easier to support your body with bone broth if you are omitting meat totally)

NO SUGARS (organic fruit ok, no processed sugar. If you need sweet, use black strap molasses and manuka honey)

NO CAFFEINE (coffee/alcohol/sodas/black tea) Eat as light and as raw as possible to ease the stress of digestion on your body.

What to have during cleansing:

Lots of greens – Raw and unprocessed foods -Sprouted grains – Organic fruits and vegetables juicing of celery, cabbage, and more greens, Green apples! Lots of pure water

If your body condition is more frail & cold then I suggest stick to bone broths, steamed vegies & white rice for easier digestibility.

Day 5 & Day 6: try to have lots of steamed white rice with steamed vegies & sea salt.  Have something light for breakfast on Day 6 eg. Porridge or I simply have a bone broth with rice & vegies.

On the morning of the 6th day:

  • have a very light breakfast – no oil or protein – porridge is a good option
  • Lunch – steamed vegies with white rice & sea salt – no protein!
  • After 1pm drink some water. After 2pm do not drink or eat anything! At 5pm or 6pm you will take a shot of Epsom salt so you need to have an empty stomach.

Ingredients for Liver/Gallbladder Flush:

  • Epsom salts: 4 tablespoons – on the morning of the 6th day dissolve 4 tablespoons in 100mls water, heat in a pot on stove till Epsom salt dissolves. Pour into a heatproof jug & keep refrigerated till needed. I have found that most of the bitterness is gone when taking a concentrated dose & swallowing it ice cold! Easy!
  • Olive oil: half cup to one cup (light olive oil is easier to get down) – I have found more stones passed out if you can drink more olive oil. If you can only manage 2/3 cup olive oil then that’s fine.
  • Apple juice (this is to chase away the bitterness of Epsom salt)
  • Fresh pink grapefruit – squeeze enough for 2/3 cup juice (3 -4 grapefruits)
  • A hot water bottle OR Hot Wheat bag (I found Wheat bag much easier)
  • Surgical gloves for taking out bile globules floating in the toilet bowl.
  • Urine or fecal specimen jars
  • Enema bucket, 3 tablespoons of organic ground coffee, 1 litre distilled water.

On the 6th Day at 5pm or 6pm (if you are on Malic Acid tablets take your last 3 tablets in between meals, your last Malic acid tablet should be taken by 2pm)

Have your hot water bottle or hot wheat bag ready.

  • Take Epsom salt (Maf. Sulfate) out of fridge & pour 25mls into a medicinal measuring cup. Have apple juice ready. Also have a large hot glass of boiled water (drinkable temperature!) ready to chase down. This is needed to activate the Epsom salt.
  • Don’t have a little taste the Epsom salt mixture otherwise you will never drink it! Just take it like a shot – down the hatch! Follow it up with as minimal amount of apple juice as possible. Only drink enough to take the bitterness away. Follow that with the one glass of boiling water.
  • Lie down & cover your liver & gallbladder area with the hot water bottle or hot wheat bag ( this area is above & below the right hand side ribcage. Keep heating up the hot water bottle or wheat bag if it gets cold. The heat softens & dislodges everything in the liver & encourages blood flow.
  • The Epsom salt will relax the bile ducts of your liver & gallbladder should there be any clumps of fat or stones.

2 hours later  –  7pm or 8pm

Repeat the above step. Take another shot (25mls) of Epsom salt, keep the hot water bottle/wheat bag over the liver.

Half an hour before taking the olive oil & lemon juice – do a coffee enema – this gets the liver excreting toxic bile and assist the bile ducts to relax & dilate. I have had amazing results & got a more stones this way! Google instructions on how to do this.

AT 8.45pm or 9.45pm

  • Mix ½ cup – 1cup of the best *Olive Oil (organic, cold pressed, extra virgin)
  • With 2/3 cup – 1cup freshly squeezed organic pink grapefruit juice
  • Mix in a bottle & shake. Many find that shaking the decoction makes it easy to drink.


Instructions to drinking 1 Cup olive oil:

  • Drink 1/4Cup olive oil to 1/2 Cup grapefruit juice every 15min still 1 cup olive oil is all drunken.

2 hours later  – 9pm or 10pm

  • Drink the mixture.

GO TO BED IMMEDIATELY– SLEEP – lie on your right hand side all night if you can manage it

  • It takes 8 – 12 hours for the olive-oil citrus decoction to take effect. If you have managed to drink 1 cup olive oil, sit propped up in bed with pillows so that our head is higher than your stomach, do not move for 20min. After that you can lie on your right hand side.

On the 7th Day – 6am, 7am or 8am

  • Take shot of Epsom salt as above – 25ml

2hours later

  • Take another shot (last 25ml) of Epsom salt (Maf. Sulfate)

2 HRS After 4th dose of Epsom Salt:

  • drink freshly squeezed juice
    • 1/2 hr after this you can eat some fruit
    • 1/2 hr later you can have a light meal – I usually have a light broth with rice & veges
  • eat light foods for first day or so to ease back into eating

You will be on the toilet five, six, seven or more times on the seventh day. Stones that you pass will be soft and can be blue, green, bright green, black, brown, yellow and or tan in color.  You may expel cholesterol stones. THEY WILL FLOAT IN THE TOILET BOWL

Frequency of Liver flushes:

You may do liver flushes every 2 weeks if you have gallstones otherwise flushing every 3 weeks or 4 weeks is fine if you have digestive issues. It is advisable to keep doing flushes till no more stones appear in the last 2 flushes.

However if this is too much than it is imperative to do liver flushes at least once every 6 months.

  • Thirsty – If you are thirsty, drink pure water at any time. But do not drink 1/2 hour before or after taking Epsom salt.
  • Citrus Juice – You can use organic Orange, Lemon or Grapefruit (Many find pink grapefruit the best taste)
  • Olive Oil – Melrose has a good Olive Oil, or buy the best you can find.

In Chinese Five Element Theory the liver system is the mother of the heart. Purging the liver will help the heart. Energetically the heart is the ruler of all our systems.

Colonics & Enemas

It is highly recommended to have a colonic session at least within 3 days of your liver flush. Enemas should be used in conjunction as well.


Best to repopulate the good bacteria in your gut. Get onto a good probiotics and take it 3 times a day for the first week. I prefer a good sauerkraut which I find works better than having isolated capsuled powders. A good brand is Peace Love & Vegetables Byron Bay Saurkraut.

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