Thank you everyone for their messages!


“Hi Houng, I was induced at 38 weeks with the gel & then the drip They broke my waters at 10am & things progressed quite quickly , baby boy 3.68kg born at 5.44pm Only pushed for about 15 minutes, no tears, no stitches, all very straightforward. I think my acupuncture& physio sessions really made all the difference so thank you!” ​​​​​​​​


“Hi Houng! I went into spontaneous labour on Saturday night and gave birth on Sunday a week ago, a day before induction! 😊” ​​​​​​​​


“Hi labour was extremely quick in the end! Contractions started at home about 7.45 and arrived into hospital car park at 10.30, into labour suite at 10.45 and he was born at 11.01!”


“Hi Houng, I’m well thank you! She was born 12hrs after my last acupuncture session on Wed morning at 3am! Thank you so much for your help 😊” ​​​​​​​​


“Thank you so much I went into labour the same day as my acupuncture on Friday and had a safe delivery for a baby boy. It was very effective!!”