Cancellation and No Show Policy

We understand that situations arise in which you must cancel your appointment.
It is therefore requested, if this instance arises, that you provide us with more than 24 hours notice. This will give the possibility for another person, who is waiting for an appointment, to be scheduled in your place.

In view of our commitment to patient care, we would like to provide adequate appointment availability
to our patients, in order to cater to their health needs and busy lifestyles. When cancellations are made with less than 24 hours’ notice, we are unable to offer that appointment to other patients.

Appointments which are cancelled with less than 24 hours notification will incur a $45.00 cancellation fee.

Patients who do not show up for their appointment without calling to cancel will be considered as a NO SHOW. A No Show will also incur a $45 fee.

Patients who have a No-Show of three(3) or more times in a 12 month period, may not be given priority for future appointments.
The Cancellation and No Show fees are the sole responsibility of the patient and must be paid in full prior to, or on the patient’s next appointment. In unavoidable circumstances the fee can be waived although this is subject to Management approval.

In the instance of an Initial Consultation – Patient credit card details are required as security. If the patient does not call to cancel or does not arrive a Fee of $70 will be charged on the Credit Card. This is due to extra appointment time being allocated for all new patients.

Houngs’ practice firmly believes that good physician/patient relationship is based upon understanding and good communication.

Contact number for cancellations: 0400 331 321

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