Eastern Therapies is a vibrant Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine women’s health practice,

based in Bondi Junction who have been operating for over twelve years. The philosophy of the

practice is to ensure the highest level of customer care possible. A great deal of thought and

attention to detail is awarded to each individual. The team are utterly committed to ensuring the

practice values are upheld and this has resulted in a loyal client base and also the need for further


Very few people have the opportunity to have a career where they can combine what they are truly

passionate about while showcasing the work skills that they excel in. This opportunity is not ‘just a

job’ for you this is will be a real career and an opportunity to be part of something that aligns with

your lifelong passion; health and wellbeing. You have a special appreciation of the benefits of

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and a keen understanding of women’s health issues

including pregnancy and fertility.

As an individual you shine when it comes to organising, you are a natural multi-tasker and you

approach your work with a positive can-do attitude. You systematically work through responsibilities

instinctively knowing what to prioritise. If you need to pause to come to someone’s aid or manage a

crisis you are never derailed for too long and will automatically pick up the pace to ensure essential

tasks are met. The tempo of the clinic is quick and to cope you will need the ability to remain calm

and focused while still being available to others.

Your eye for detail is razor sharp and rather than being weighed down by administration you actually

revel in the knowledge everything is up to date, correctly placed and information is easily accessible.

This is a leadership role and the Clinic Director is going to award you a lot of autonomy to run the

day to day business. Having an entrepreneurial approach to business would be beneficial. As the ‘go

to person’ for all the staff and the first person that clients will meet your communication skills must

be outstanding. You will need to be one of those rare individuals who is a clear-thinking decision

maker but also an excellent listener with a mature sense of empathy.

You will oversee all reception functions, manage a wide range of administrative and managerial

tasks, administer accounts, maintain the clinic facilities, run social media and train all new

administration and reception personnel. Advanced MS Office skills are essential. This role consists

of thirty hours per week Monday – Friday

If you are interested in this career opportunity please email your CV and a short cover letter

detailing why you think that this role would be ideal for you.


Hours of Work

Monday – 09.00AM to 02.30PM
Tuesday – 01.00PM to 07.00PM
Wednesday – 09.00AM to 01.30PM , 03PM to 07.0PM

Thursday – 02.00PM to 07.00PM
Friday – 09.00 to 01.30PM


We are hiring