Maureen Finemore Yogabirth

Pregnancy Yoga classes with Maureen Finemore, the founder of in Australia, are a wonderful way to prepare for the exciting and challenging process of birthing and parenting.
Maureen brings her wealth of midwifery experience and her passion for the healing power of yoga to every class offering a truly unique approach to birth education.

Classes are fun informative and interactive. You will practice meditation, visualization, breathing techniques, massage and strengthening and stretching Ki yoga moves. In Ki yoga strong breathing is used to stimulate the meridians (energy channels) that circulate throughout the body. These same channels are stimulated with acupuncture, shiatsu /acupressure massage.

Pregnancy yoga can relieve many of the normal discomforts associated with pregnancy and early parenting including back ache, carpal tunnel, swelling, digestive disorders, ambivalence, grumpiness, mild anxiety and insomnia. Regular attendance also helps reduce feelings of isolation as you meet and share your experiences with other pregnant women.

Maureen also offers birth education with a difference. These private sessions can be facilitated in your own home and are designed to meet your specific needs and to compliment the hospital based classes.

Maureen refers many clients and yoga students to her colleague and friend, Houng Lau at Eastern Therapies in Bondi Junction. A treatment with Houng provides great relief from many of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Maureen finemore
Midwife/yoga teacher