May’s “Flower Moon” is a super blood moon. The Taurus New Moon started on May 11/12, 2021, and has opened the doorway to Eclipse Season, a time of change and transformation!


This is a time for self-care, to retreat and reflect, and to allow the energies to flow where they may, rather than trying to direct or control them.


As Taurus is an earth sign, the energies of this May 2021 New Moon also serve to ground us and root us into our body.


It is our opportunity to go within and listen to the quiet, still voice of our heart. It is our opportunity to trust the wisdom and intuition of our own body. It is also a time to welcome the creative, wavy currents of energy that allow us to evolve and embrace any change with grace and ease.


Welcome these energies in any way that fits. Know you are being supported to both ground yourself and move with the flow.


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