Thought BPA free was doing you a favour? Well, plastics seem to have a lot of chemicals in it that is unstable.


Here is an excerpt from this article that is interesting,

It is such a good read and I recommend you to read the full article. 


BPA, another chemical widely added to food plastics and can linings, has been subject to increasing regulations after studies linked the chemical to neonatal and infant brain and reproductive harm. But BPS and BPF, two common replacements used in products marketed as “BPA-free”, may have similar effects to their predecessor. In essence, studies out of both the University of Texas and Washington State University found that even at a dose of one part per trillion, BPS could disrupt cell functioning.


There are many other chemicals added to plastic during production, and researchers concede that many gaps remain in our understanding of how they affect health and development. But research that is adding to concerns about the “miracle material” is growing.


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