mother and child

I dropped by the clinic today unannounced hoping to finally show off my 5 month old daughter,  but unfortunately you weren’t there.

You treated me in 2012 and I finally conceived on my third round of IVF in late Nov/early Dec 2012.

The third (and successful) round of IVF ironically was the worst.  I had been really sick with acute sinusitis just prior to starting the cycle and had just finished a course of antibiotics. My medication had been changed from previous attempts and the injections were a bit trickier. Then the egg collection yielded less eggs then expected so I was pretty devastated.  Unlike the first two rounds I was in excruciating pain after the surgery.  I came in for acupuncture and was feeling faint and in agony – but it was completely gone within minutes of being treated.  That was truly amazing!

The acupuncture throughout all the three attempts was really helpful. Effects on fertility aside, having that time to relax and be looked after each week was something I am so thankful for.

Pregnancy was tough!! I had large cysts from the IVF so I looked 6 mths pregnant almost overnight. Then I suffered acute morning sickness right up to 23 weeks. I ended up taking anti nausea drugs just to get through. It was truly horrific! At 11 weeks my pelvis got all out of alignment but physio helped there. Then at 28 weeks I found out I had gestational diabetes!!

On the plus side, once I started the morning sickness medication I could at least function and I exercised weeks 15-37 with a personal trainer and controlled the diabetes with diet and exercise so didn’t need insulin.

I was induced at 40 weeks exactly. I ended up with an epidural, vacuum delivery, a tonne of stitches and currently am supposed to be (I’m a bit slack) using a pelvic brace. But the epidural was awesome and I actually had a really good ‘D day’.

She was 2.8kgs/6lbs 5ozs at birth. And perfect!

Breastfeeding was extremely tough for a good 9 weeks but we persevered and she’s been exclusively breastfed up until a couple of weeks ago when I started her on very small amounts of solids.

She’s not the easiest child…hates sleeping and makes a real fuss anytime she’s confined (eg. pram, car seat, baby carrier etc.) She’s stubborn, impatient and very determined and I just love her to bits!!

Thanks again to you and your team for helping me become a Mum 🙂