PRANA Holistic Health & Wellbeing is offering Complimentary 20min
Consultation and 15% off Holistic Healing Session combining Holistic
Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, TCM, Intuitive Counselling and Energetic

Healing techniques for Eastern Therapies’ patients.

Greetings to beautiful patients at Eastern Therapies. My name is Youmi and I am a
Holistic Health Practitioner and Meditation/Yoga Teacher specialising in Holistic
Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, Energetic Healing, Sound Healing, TCM and
Intuitive Counselling and Spiritual Mentoring.
I have been practising at Eastern Therapies for the past 5 years and recently have
opened my new clinic space on 9-13 Bronte Road Bondi Junction. To share my love
and gratitude with the beautiful patients at Eastern Therapies, I am offering
Complimentary 20min Consultation and 15% off Holistic Healing Session. I would
like to empower you and support your journey to good health and wellbeing on all
levels so that you can live the life you desire in the present moment, Here and Now.
I specialise in clearing old and stagnant energy by tapping into clients’ subconscious
mind and cellular memories of the physical body. Using many powerful techniques
based on various holistic modalities such as Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and
TCM, we can peel the layers and address the root cause of what is underneath the
physical, emotional, mental and energetic symptoms being experienced.
Our body often speaks through pain and physical symptoms to communicate with us
and at the same time, our body has its own intelligence and ability to heal itself if we
provide it with the optimal environment it requires. However, in this modern world we are
often pushed and conditioned to ignore the various messages body communicates with
us by numbing down the pain and pushing through to meet the needs of what is
required by work, family, society and so on.
When we ignore the messages from our body’s intelligence and put ourselves through
unhealthy patterns that do not serve our highest purpose and heart’s desires, what is
manifested in our physical reality can be various symptoms such as physical pain,
emotional distress and energetic imbalance often caused by so called ‘stress’. This
simply means going against the natural ‘flow’, hence many people experiencing a sense
of feeling ‘stuck’, ‘inability to move forward’ and often ‘out of control’ in many areas of
Over the past years in my clinic, I have seen many clients going through various issues
and challenges in life and experiencing not only physical pain but emotional distress and
energetic imbalance with feelings of being disconnected from their hearts and life
purpose. Interestingly, the state of being disconnected from one’s heart and life purpose
can manifest into various symptoms on our physical, emotional and energetic level so it
becomes a vicious cycle. Our body is always trying to communicate with us in order to
support our healing and re-connecting process if we slow down and take time to be
present to the messages. I have witnessed through facilitating holistic healing sessions
with my clients that often the external symptoms appear as gifts in disguise when we
can step back and look at the bigger picture of our journey.

I feel very passionate to share my gifts, tools and knowledge in facilitating a Holistic
Healing session for my clients so that I can empower and bring deep insights to the
client’s current experience. Being able to see the clients’ full potential without the
conditioned patterns, I bring clear messages and divinely timed reminders to my clients
to support the awakening process so that we can clear the old and move forward to
alignment on all levels.
Once we clear the old, stagnant energy and belief systems that are stored in our
subconscious mind as well as on our cellular level, we can release and let go of the
blockages that act as obstacles in achieving our goals and living the life we desire
aligned to our heart’s calling.
Facilitating and creating Holistic Healing and empowering clients to move forward into
their own wellbeing on all levels is my alignment to my heart’s calling. I feel honoured to
be able to connect with you to support and facilitate your healing journey. Letting go of
the old. Creating new space to move forward into your bright new chapter. Re-
connecting with your Heart and True Essence of your Being on all levels. I look forward
to meeting you and walking together with you to co-create Holistic Health and
To book your ‘Complimentary 20min Consultation’ and receive ‘15% off your Initial
Holistic Healing Session’, please contact me via
and 0433 307 733.
You can also send messages through my Facebook Page by clicking the link below.
PRANA Holistic Health & Wellbeing
Level 8, Suite 803
9-13 Bronte Road
Bondi Junction NSW 2022