We recently interviewed Youmi, who specialises in Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and Energetic Healing. Have a read of what she had to say…

Can you please tell us about yourself and what modalities you practise?

My name is Youmi and I am a Holistic Health Practitioner specialising in Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and Energetic Healing.
I am also a qualified Meditation Facilitator and Yoga Teacher and currently furthering my studies in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
I have been practising at Eastern Therapies for the past 6 years.

Many people are curious to what happens in a Holistic Healing session so can you tell us a bit more about what to expect from a session?

Sure. If you’re booking in an appointment for the first time, I’ll be sending you a Client Intake form to complete prior to the session so that I can have some background knowledge and information to support and guide you through the session.
And when you arrive for your session, we will begin with some holistic counselling where we explore your main issue and find a priority goal on what you would like to achieve, which can be gaining more clarity around an issue, working on reducing stress, anxiety or fear, improving physical issues like back pain or headache, or working on clearing and releasing the past to prepare yourself for a new job or a relationship…
Once we gain clarity around on what you’d like to achieve or resolve, I will get you to lie down comfortably on the treatment table fully clothed and I’ll be using a gentle Kinesiology technique called muscle monitoring to communicate with your body and tap into the subconscious mind to find out the underlying stresses and the root cause which is creating the imbalance or the issue you’re experiencing. The stresses can be found on a physical, emotional, mental or energetic level. From there, if you’d like, we can explore further to find out if there are any deeper layers to resolve and heal just like peeling an onion to get to the core of the presenting issue.

What happens after you find out the underlying stresses or the root cause?

Once we find out where and what the stresses are behind the issue you’re experiencing, we now ask the body for the best healing tool to clear and restore the balance. This could be doing an Acupressure therapy on a particular meridian or balancing a chakra, sound healing using Meridian Tuning Forks or Chakra Chimes, Crystal therapy or taking a Bush Flower Essence, Brain Function, Neurovascular or Neuro-lymphatic technique to correct the imbalance. There are so many gentle yet powerful tools that can support your healing and it’s absolutely wonderful how our body
always knows what we need in order to heal if we can be present enough to listen and tap into its innate wisdom for health and well-being.

What can you expect to feel after the session?

Most of my clients tell me that they feel clearer, lighter and calmer after the session. If they had physical discomfort or pain, often the pain completely dissipates or reduces. Also, you gain a deeper insight into what you’re going through from what has come up in the session as we get to see the hidden psychology from the subconscious mind which is not accessible unless we go there with technique such as Kinesiology.

Do you practise any other Healing modalities?

Yes, I also practise Pranic Healing where I focus more on the energetic side of healing by balancing and clearing aura and eleven major chakras. I also teach various meditation techniques on one on one basis and as I am currently furthering my studies in TCM and acupuncture, I am very excited to integrate all these wonderful modalities and knowledge to create a comprehensive natural therapy in the near future.

Who can benefit from a session with you?

Anyone looking to find a balance, peace of mind and relaxation to people who would like to work on releasing unhealthy thought patterns or belief systems as well as healing chronic health conditions. I see a wide range of people with various issues ranging from anxiety, stress and fear to physical pain, autoimmune conditions and children with emotional or learning difficulties. I see a lot of busy mums who are always juggling work and family, feeling under intense pressure and wanting to reduce stress, find balance and feel relaxed. I also see a big number of successful business women who are burnt out with much needed ‘self-care’ and other natural health practitioners looking to restore balance and recharge.

How do we book an appointment and what are your availabilities?

I am available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Monday and Friday afternoons. To book, you can either email me at ‘pranaholisticwellbeing@gmail.com’ or message me on 0433 307 733. I look forward to supporting you in restoring balance and wellbeing.

Mobile: 0433 307 733
Email: pranaholisticwellbeing@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PranaHolisticHealthWellbeing

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