Mastitis can often affect women who are breastfeeding. Mastitis is  inflammation of the breast and it can be very painful. Even though women are given antibiotics which is helpful in this condition, in some cases, the antibiotics can affect your baby, they can get very grissly and have diarrhea.

I have found that using acupuncture and moxibustions in combination with your antibiotic regimen can speed up your recovery.

I have treated many women with mastitis and as soon as I administer one treatment the engorged breast tissue can shrink by 50%. Recovery is very quick and only a few treatments are necessary.

Other women has seen me after they treated their mastitis with antibiotics but they still had remaining breast pain and breast lumps. A few treatments normalised the breast tissue and the mother was able to enjoy breastfeeding again.

Women who have used cabbage leaves on their breast claim that it gives great relief!