Salmon Roe

Foods for egg and sperm production

Here are my suggestions which support Fertility and add to your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Even if you just adhere to these while trying to get pregnant after that you can please yourselves!


Smoking cigs and cannabis – toxic to sperm and decreases uterine blood flow

Alcohol toxic to sperm and developing embryo

Caffeine increases risk of M/C

Reduce Vit C its cold in nature may affect the Spleen (Vit C here means large doses)

INCREASE quality sleep, this is the time that yin is replenished and hormones are made, therefore 8hrs sleep between 10pm and 6am


Eggs and Sperm Production

Organic chicken + pork, eggs, caviar, oysters, seeds and nuts

FOODS leading up to ovulation and post ovulation – to nourish the blood and endometrium (FEMALES)

Bone marrow, chicken, lamb, duck, beef, any organ meats eg liver and kidneys (preferably organic)

Mushrooms in all forms support FERTILITY, so add them to whatever you can, FRESH is the go, avoid anything that comes processed!

Good Health to you


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