pregnancy-acupunctureWe teach acupressure for pain relief during labor in our Birth Well workshops.

What you will gain from the workshop:

  • Hands on practise to assist your partner to prepare for labour
  • Learn techniques to assist your partner through the different stages of labour
  • Reduce pain during labour with acupressure
  • Use acupressure to assist your partner to go into labour close to her due date
  • How to progress labour if it stops
  • What to do if the baby becomes posterior
  • How to restart contractions if they stop or labour fails to progress
  • Know what to do when the baby turns posterior during labour
  • Learn how to calm, support and relax each other
  • You will receive a take home pack which includes a booklet on how to assist your partner

This is what a former participant had to say about her experience with our Birth Well workshop:

I began seeing Houng during the 35th week of my second pregnancy for help with labour preparation, and found her to be extremely caring, attentive and professional. One of the great things she provided was a pamphlet with many illustrations and descriptions of acupuncture / acupressure points that could be used by my partner during labour, and in fact she demonstrated these to him when he came in for one of my sessions. We used these during my labour and I found them to be extremely calming and soothing, and the birth of my second son took five hours, as opposed to 25 hours for my first one!

Cost: $195 (incl. you and your support person)

Duration : 2 hours

Next Workshop Date: December 4th  2011

Venue : Axis Pilates, 21 Mary St, Surry Hills

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