Acupuncture Specialties

Infertility AcupunctureFor men to promote healthy sperm or treatment protocols for each part of the woman’s cycle to promote fertility.

IVF support: We work with the fertility clinic in Bondi Junction and understand the role of western science in-vitro fertilization. We will work with you to optimize your success rate and support you through the different phases of the IVF cycle. During your consultation we will also advise you as to  which diet is best for your constitution.

Pregnancy Care: In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, treatment with acupuncture is aimed at preventing morning sickness and miscarriage. Once a month treatment is advised thereafter for the different stages of pregnancy. VBAC- vaginal birth after cesarian- we have helped many women to achieve this goal with treatments in the last trimester.

Sports Acupuncture and Therapy: One of our specialties is treating injuries that are encountered whilst participating in sports. Accidents tend to happen during such physical activities, and often these can result in serious trauma. Our goal is to optimize your healing potential to get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

General Health: Menopausal symptoms, immune problems, digestive disorders, neck and back care.

Pediatric Treatments: We have special treatments for kids, using gentle techniques to circulate and regulate the meridians and acupressure points in children to improve their health. We have treated kids and infants as young as one month old. They generally do not require many treatments and only one or two treatments may improve their condition.

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